Podcast Infra para Crescer


15 abr 2019
Mission Founded in 1955, the Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (Abdib) is a private non-profit business association. Its major mission is: Contributing to Brazilian economic growth and social development by promoting improvements in...

Article: The moment is positive. For now.

15 abr 2019
The moment is positive. For now. After going through the biggest recession in its history and struggling with very weak economic activity, the moment is positive for Brazil to start recording faster growth. The structural...

Infrastructure in Brazil requires 4.3% of GDP per year during 10 years

15 abr 2019
In the wake of the economic recession, investments in infrastructure plummeted. In 2017, they totaled R$ 110.4 billion, 34% less than the peak of R$ 166.5 billion in 2014. In 2018, the scenario did not...

Funding: Structural Changes

12 abr 2019
In recent years, Abdib’s Financing and Guarantees Committee has been at the epicenter of discussions on the sources of funds and the structure of guarantees to support the massive volume of investments in infrastructure...

Basic sanitation: It was 2019

12 abr 2019
At a meeting held at Abdib in July 2018, senator Roberto Muniz, who was invited to attend a meeting organized to discuss proposals to attract water and sanitation infrastructure investments, concluded that the institutional...

Oil and natural gas: Change of strategy

12 abr 2019
2018 was not an easy year for suppliers of goods and services for oil and natural gas activities. In recent years, there has been a reduction in Petrobras’ pre-salt obligations and the definition of...