Founded in 1955, the Brazilian Association of Infrastructure and Basic Industries (Abdib) is a private non-profit business association. Its major mission is:

  • Contributing to Brazilian economic growth and social development by promoting improvements in infrastructure and basic industries.
  • Strengthening competitiveness among companies that produce goods and services for infrastructure and basic industries.
  • Collaborating decisively with public and private agents in the search for consistent solutions to enable investments.
  • Increasing the share of Brazilian companies in the global infrastructure market.

Associated Companies

Abdib gathers a large range of public and private companies that take part in all business and investment phases for infrastructure and basic industry. It includes public service concessionaires, equipment manufacturers, service companies like engineering and law firms, major infrastructure users, private equity funds, insurance companies, financing and consultancy companies, among others.

More than a hundred companies are currently Abdib members, from areas such as electric power, oil and natural gas, transportation, water and sanitation, telecommunications, and basic industries.

Abdib has an Ethics and Compliance Policy whose membership of associated companies is mandatory. In this way, Abdib started to act more incisively in the orientation on ethical rules in infrastructure sectors, emphasizing concepts and behaviors that ratify integrity in business, competition and free initiative.